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Hi Everyone! I'm Kristina Fey!
I'm 18 and my friends say that I don't take anything seriously!
I love to laugh, smile and do crazy things.
I am taking new pics and videos all the time, and can't wait for you all to see ALL of me!
I got a lot of pics for you guys to look at! Think you're going to have anough time to see them all? I sure hope so! It's very fun to watch me!!!
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House chores! Mayor bummer! Who can have fun scrubbing the floor...? Lol, probably you, while you watch me do it in my panties! Lol!
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Play me? I am a pro at all sports, unbeatable and unstoppable... plus, I always play naked!
I wonder why I always win...
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Kristina dominates the tennis court, with her tiny skirt and panties! I make the judges drool, and the fans love it! My set!
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Lingerie is your fetish? I can satisfy you!
White cottony stockings, ready to go down,
as you go "up"... wink, wink!
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Or you prefer itsy bitsy thongs? I love 'em! They feel almost like wearing nothing! Might as well take 'em off, don't you think, baby?
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Black leather boots with a flowered dress!
A perfect blend of cuteness and nastiness...
just for you, baby boy!
I do it all on film, baby! And you can watch me, and download me, and keep me near you forever! Play me back, baby, play me back!
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